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Project Documents

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Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and Fiscal Impact Report Summary

SLR Vulnerability Assessment and Fiscal Impact Document

Sea Level Rise Atlas

SLR Atlas Document

Tsunami Analysis and Associated Maps

Tsunami Analysis Memorandum

Draft Sea Level Rise Modeling Maps

Planning Area One

McGrath/Mandalay Beach

Planning Area Two
Oxnard Shores

Planning Area Three
Channel Islands

Planning Area Four
Ormond Beach

Planning Area Five (not in LCP)
Port Hueneme

Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA) Maps

North Oxnard

South Oxnard

Current LCP
Coastal Land Use Plan
Coastal Zoning Ordinance (Title 17: Coastal Zoning)

Other project documents will be uploaded as they become available.

Other Related Materials
Click links below to view other materials related to the LCP Update.

Ventura County
Coastal Resiliency Project

Coastal Commission
Updating LCP Land Use Plan (LUP) Policies: Part 1
Updating LCP Implementation Plan (IP) Procedures: Part 2
Sea-Level Rise Policy Guidance

CA Ocean Protection Council
State of California Sea-Level Rise Guidance Document

National Research Council (NRC)
Sea-Level Rise for the Coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington: Past, Present, and Future

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Building Coastal Resilience for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Adaptation

US Environmental Protection Agency
Synthesis of Adaptation Options for Coastal Areas​